Fudgy Pop

Fudgy Pop flavors of rich vegan fudge bars
We're so excited to share our second brand, Fudgy Pop - a line of reinvented, incredibly rich chocolate fudge pops, reminiscent of the simple joys of the childhood treats we grew up loving, but with an indulgent, rich, chewy chocolate fudge made from gourmet Guittard chocolate, and a clean label for our grown up tastebuds and sensibilities. 

Available in three flavors with rich fudge bases, Fudgy Pop tastes like childhood treats, but better, with an entirely vegan, gluten-free label and only 90 calories to a pop (so have seconds - and no need to ask for permission.)

Currently, Fudgy Pop is sold in California Pavilions stores and is coming soon to Gelsons, Nugget, Besties, and other retailers. We also offer nationwide delivery with free shipping. 

Chase simple joys!